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To buy your new tortoise or for more information about any of our offers please contact us via email: info@tortoisetortoise.com, or telephone us: 07803 507647 (UK)


Buy our Baby Marginated Tortoises:

£100.00 each


Buy our table top setups:

Set up without a lamp:

Small (21x14 inches)

Large(21x28 inches) 

Set up with a lamp:




We are always happy to receive requests for help or advice on our email address: info@tortoisetortoise.com. Often what seems like a daft question can sometimes be key to the treatment you provide to your tortoise and takes only minutes to ask.

It is also advisable for any new tortoise keeper to become a member of the Tortoise Trust. The annual subscription is minimal and you will gain access to a 24 hour helpline and regular newsletters.

Their web address is www.tortoisetrust.org.

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