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We are husband and wife who enjoy our hobby of keeping and breeding tortoises.

My father is extremely helpful in watering and picking dandelions and garden weeds and takes his role as grandfather to our tortoises very seriously!

We have kept tortoises in our family for three generations however, it is only since we decided to concentrate wholly on keeping marginated tortoises that we have been lucky enough to have our pets breed. George and Mildred, our first pair of marginated tortoises along with Elvis and Jubilee have produced a number of eggs over the past few years albeit that the first clutch which came as quite a surprise to all of us including Mildred (!), resulted in only one hatchling - Dolly who we still have.

Since then, through more intensive research we have managed to create an environment in which our tortoises thrive and seem happy to breed and lay their eggs.

We feel it is such a terrible shame that numbers of these amazing and beautiful creatures are diminishing in the wild and that they are now a rare breed with a threat of extinction. Our aim is to breed the Marginated tortoises in captivity in order that our children and yours can continue to enjoy this much loved animal.

It is our dream to one day return to the base of Mount Olympus in Greece with some of our tortoises, reared from hatchlings, and to release them back into their natural habitat in order that they can continue to reproduce.

George, our big daddy tortoise and a day old baby tortoise hatchling


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